Awesome Orcas, Animal Authors & Food Security

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In this episode of VeganSci, we update you with some Quick Science, including: non-human animal authors, a bushwalks impact on biodiversity, storytellings ability to help people change heart in regards to animals, the risks we take for our fur babies, and the networks of violent radical environmental activist groups

We get stuck in-depth into a paper focused on Orcas (which is particularly relevant in the wake of Tillikum and Granny), and then how changing people’s diets can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the price of food!

And finally in the bullshit corner we tackle the idea that Dairy Cows just have to be milked.

You can find links to all of the research we discuss below.

In the comments section below let us know if we missed anything, got something wrong or if you want clarification on any of the points discussed.

Intro (00:00 - 02:50)

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Quick Science

Paper 1  (02:50 - 11:18)

Title: Crediting animals in scientific literature
AuthorsThomas C Erren, J Valerie Grob, Philip Lewis & David M
JournalEMBO Reports
Date published: 22/12/2016

Paper 2  (11:18 - 19:47)

Title: Effects of Recreation on Animals Revealed as Widespread through a Global Systematic Review
AuthorsCourtney L. Larson, Sarah E. Reed, Adina M. Merenlender , Kevin R. Crooks
Date Published8/12/2016

Paper 3  (19:47 - 25:55)

Title: Literary Fiction Influences Attitudes Toward Animal Welfare
AuthorsWojciech Małecki, Bogusław Pawłowski, Piotr Sorokowski
Date Published22/12/2016

Paper 4  (25:55 - 30:25)

Title: Developing a scale to understand willingness to sacrifice personal safety for companion animals: The Pet-Owner Risk Propensity Scale (PORPS)
AuthorsJoshua Trigg, Bradley Philip Smith, Pauleen C Bennett, Kirrilly Thompson
JournalInternational Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
Date Published10/12/2016

Paper 5  (30:25 - 33:40)

Title: The Spatial Properties of Radical Environmental Organizations in the UK: Do or Die!
AuthorsZack W. Almquist & Benjamin E. Bagozzi
Date Published29/11/2017

In-depth Science

Paper 1  (33:40 - 48:10)

Title: Orca Behavior and Subsequent Aggression Associated with Oceanarium Confinement
AuthorsRobert Anderson, Robyn Waayers and Andrew Knight
Date Published18/08/2016

Paper 1  (48:10 - 58:00)

Title: Mitigation Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture and Land-Use Change: Consequences for Food Prices
AuthorsMiodrag Stevanovic,́ Alexander Popp, Benjamin Leon Bodirsky, Florian Humpenöder,Christoph Müller, Isabelle Weindl, Jan Philipp Dietrich, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Ulrich Kreidenweis, Susanne Rolinski, Anne Biewald, and Xiaoxi Wang
JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
Date Published16/12/2016

Bullshit Corner (58:00 - 60:50)

The Naked Scientists sheds a bit of light on why humans are the only animals to drink another animals milk –

Check out the wikipedia page for more info on Dairy Cow milk production –