Slaughterhouses human toll, chatty baboons and plant-based pollutions

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In this episode of VeganSci, we update you with some Quick Science, including: a close look at the highly publicised chimera pigs paper, a new take on the evolution of human language, the promise of B12 fortified toothpaste, and consumer’s understanding of meat-based proteins impact on the environment.

We get stuck in-depth on a paper that evaluates the pollution created through the production of animal-based foods compared to plant-based foods, and a second paper that describes how slaughterhouse workers report higher rates of negative physical and psychological well-being than other job types.

And finally in the bullshit corner we tackle that infamous issue of where vegans get their protein!

You can find links to all of the research we discussed below.

In the comments section below let us know if we missed anything, got something wrong or if you want clarification on any of the points discussed.

Intro (00:00 - 01:40)

We don’t have any.

Quick Science

Paper 1  (01:40 - 07:49)

Title: Evidence of a Vocalic Proto-System in the Baboon (Papio papio) Suggests Pre-Hominin Speech Precursors
Authors: Louis-Jean Boe, Frederic Berthommier, Thierry Legou, Guillaume Captier, Caralyn Kemp, Thomas R. Sawallis, Yannick Becker5, Arnaud Rey3,5, Joel Fagot
Journal: PLOSone
Date Published: 11/01/2017

Paper 2  (07:49 - 15:10)

Title: Interspecies Chimerism with Mammalian Pluripotent Stem Cells
AuthorsJun Wu, Aida Platero-Luengo, Masahiro Sakurai, …LOTS MORE…, Emilio A. Martinez, Pablo Juan Ross, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte
Journal: Cell
Date published: 26/01/2017

Paper 3  (15:10 - 19:14)

Title: Consumer perception and behaviour regarding sustainable protein consumption: A systematic review
AuthorsChristina Hartmann and Michael Siegrist
JournalTrends in Food Science & Technology
Date published: 05/01/2017

Paper 4  (19:14 - 25:18)

Title: Vitamin B-12–fortified toothpaste improves vitamin status in vegans: a 12-wk randomized placebo-controlled study
AuthorsAnne-Kathrin Siebert, Rima Obeid, Stine Weder, Hussain M Awwad, Andreas Sputtek, Juergen Geisel, and Markus Keller
Journal: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Journal: 4/01/2017

In-depth Science

Paper 1  (25:18 - 32:32)

Title: Freshwater ecotoxicity impacts from pesticide use in animal and vegetable foods produced in Sweden
Authors: Maria Nordborg, Jennifer Davis, Christel Cederberg, Anna Woodhouse
Journal: Science of the Total Environment
Date published: 9/01/2017

Paper 2  (32:32 - 45:35)

Title: Routinized killing of animals: Going beyond dirty work and prestige to understand the well-being of slaughterhouse workers
Authors: Benjamin E. Baran, Steven G. Rogelberg, Thomas Clausen
Journal: Organization
Date published: 21/04/2016

Bullshit Corner (45:35 - 49:47)

Blackbeens do have lots of iron and protein (48% daily recommended intake; 21g per/100g), with a better rate of iron but not protein when compared to cow flesh (14% daily recommended intake; 26g per/100g) – values are based on wikipedia nutrition facts.