Animal nations, land footprint of animal consumption and dogs making us more social

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In this episode of VeganSci, we update you with some Quick Science, including: a short description of the unified model of vegetarian identity, the idea of animal nations, and how dogs make us more social.

We get stuck in-depth into a paper focused on determining the total land footprint of animal products consumed in the UK, and legal erosions for US freedom of information because of ‘radical’ animal activists.

And finally in the bullshit corner we tackle the vegan bullshit that if everyone went vegan it would fix all of the world’s problems.

You can find links to all of the research we discussed in the episode notes below.

Intro (0:00 - 3:05)

No notes from the intro.

Quick Science

Paper 1  (3:05 -9:18)

Title: The unified model of vegetarian identity: A conceptual framework for understanding plant-based food choices
AuthorsDaniel L. Rosenfeld, Anthony L. Burrow
Journal: Appetite

Paper 2  (9:18 -18:20)

Title: Nonhuman animals and sovereignty: On Zoopolis, failed states and institutional relationships with free-living nonhuman animals.
Authors: Josh Milburn
Book: Intervention or Protest, Vernon Press

Paper 3  (18:20 -27:04)

Title: A Companion Dog Increases Prosocial Behavior in Work Groups
AuthorsStephen M. Colarelli, Amanda M. McDonald, Matthew S. Christensen and Christopher Honts

In-depth Science

Paper 1  (27:04 -41:47)

Title: Total global agricultural land footprint associated with UK food supply 1986–2011
AuthorsHenri de Ruitera, Jennie I. Macdiarmid, Robin B. Matthews, Thomas Kastnerd, Lee R. Lyndf, Pete Smith
JournalGlobal Environmental Change

Paper 2  (41:47 -52:28)

Title: Animal rights extremism as justification for restricting access to government records
AuthorsChristopher Wlach
JournalSyracuse Law Review

Bullshit Corner (52:28 - 58:41)

No notes for bullshit corner

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