Meat justification and cognitive dissonance, the psychology of cows, antidepressant soups and why people reject ('kill') their dogs

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In this episode of VeganSci, we update you with some Science, including: the description of a new category of meat justification which includes ‘Neutralising’ to Normal, Necessary, Natural and Nice, we highlight one example of the often overlooked subtle negative impacts humans have on other animals, share research that suggests social factors may be more important at predicting whether a dog is rejected by their ‘carer’ rather than the common excuse of the dog having bad behaviour.

We speak with a researcher from the USA who shares the results of an research review they conducted into The Psychology of Cows.

You can find links to all of the research we discussed in the episode notes below.


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In-depth Science

Paper 1  - 4:56

Title: Neutralising the meat paradox: Cognitive dissonance, gender, and eating animals
AuthorsElisha Dowsett, Carolyn Semmler, Heather Bray, Rachel A. Ankeny, Anna Chur-Hansen

Paper 2 - 22:07

Title: Selective Uptake and Bioaccumulation of Antidepressants in Fish from Effluent-Impacted Niagara River
AuthorsPrapha Arnnok, Randolph R. Singh , Rodjana Burakham, Alicia Pérez-Fuentetaja∥, and Diana S. Aga
JournalEnvironmental Science and Technology

Paper 3 - 31:00

Title:  Dog- and owner-related risk factors for consideration of euthanasia or rehoming before a referral behavioral consultation and for euthanizing or rehoming the dog after the consultation
Authors: Carlo Siracusa, Lena Provoost, Ilan R. Reisner
Journal: Journal of Veterinary Behavior

Interview - 39:25

Title: The Psychology of Cows
Authors:Lori Marino and Kristin Allen
Journal: Animal Behavior and Cognition