Ep12: Dietary recommendations bad for the environment

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In this episode of VeganSci, we chat about how the environmental research community doesn’t promote achieving plant-based future despite the significant environmental benefits it would create. We also discuss how national dietary recommendations are incompatible with creating a safe climate and the role that eating animals plays.

You can find links to all of the research we discussed in the episode notes below.

Paper 1  (4:43)

Title: Reducing the environmental impact of global diets
AuthorsMarian Swain, Linus Blomqvist, James McNamara, William J. Ripple
JournalScience of the Total Environment

Paper 2  (19:54)

Title: Identification of data-driven Dutch dietary patterns thatbenefit the environment and are healthy
AuthorsSander Biesbroek & W. M. Monique Verschuren & Yvonne T. van der Schouw & Ivonne Sluijs & Jolanda M. A. Boer & Elisabeth H. M. Temme
JournalClimatic Change

Paper 3  (35:14)

Title: The impact of global dietary guidelines on climate change
AuthorsHannah Ritchie, David S. Reay, Peter Higgins
JournalGlobal Environmental Change