About VeganSci

VeganSci finds and shares all the latest vegan science, vegan research, and science and research that will be of interest to vegans.

The research comes from a wide range of disciplines including psychology, ecology, economics, nutrition, medicine, agriculture, sociology and lots more.

Our database of vegan science and vegan research will always be growing and is the perfect place to look for evidence about a specific topic your are interested in.


Dr Adam Cardilini

While completing a PhD in ecological genetics Adam become vegan. He stopped doing research that harmed others and now has a strong focus on creating, sharing and promoting vegan science and research.

VeganSci was created from the juncture of Adam’s love for animals, research and science communication.

What is the difference between science and research?

Research is the gathering of infomation to consolidate or create knowledge.

Science is a form of research that uses the scientific method which is a systematic process for answering questions about the world.

The scientific method

How the scientific method is used to ask questions and test explanations.

What is vegan science and vegan research?

We categorise science and research as ‘vegan’ if it fits one or more of these descriptions:

  • It is concerned with understanding or contributing to the liberation of animals;
  • It is concerned with understanding or contributing to the transition to veganism, both for individuals or society;
  • It is concerned with topics that are closely related to veganism or animal liberation and add knowledge to the picture, e.g. environmental impacts of animal agriculture.